Documents Required for Renting a Vehicle
Individual / Domestic Driver's License
- Driving license
- T.C. ID Card / ID Card
- Credit card
- E-Government
Individual / Foreign Driver's License (Expatriate)
- Passport
- Country Stamp
- Driver's license (International)
- Flight ticket
Corporate / Company - Individual
-Valuation sheet
- Signature Statement
- Company Authorized / Partner E-Government
- Bowl
- Driving license
-Credit card
There are age and driving time limits according to the vehicle segment.
Economic Class: 23 years - 2 years driving license
Middle Class: 25 years - 3 years license
Upper Class: 27 years - 5 years license
During the rental of the above-mentioned documents;
You need to have your originals and your E-State password with you,
Photocopied documents and / or E are not delivered to non-users of the State.
There are no transactions with sile, unread, other or missing documents.
(*) Our company has the right to cancel your reservation and not to deliver your vehicle if your documents are not suitable even if they are complete;
It is not responsible for any material or moral loss that may arise in this case.